Vitamin E Capsules


Vitamin  E Capsules

Brand Name: Erich 400 (Zee Drugs)

Vitamin E Capsules used for hair care and skin care.

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Vitamin E is potent antioxidant and it is responsible for beautiful skin! Vitamin E Capsules act as “The Skin Protector”.

Vitamin E is also know as tocopherol, name refer to a group of fat soluble compounds that have numerous properties and functions in the body.

Some natural sources of vitamin E are nuts, eggs and certain oils such as wheat germ oil.

How to Use Vitamin E Capsules

Do you want beautiful hair and skin – but you’re not sure how to use vitamin E capsules for hair and skin. Shall you cut the vitamin E capsules and apply the oil on your hair and skin- or should you take them orally ? The answer is: BOTH Way!

Take vitamin E as a daily skin-beautifying and hair-boosting supplement. The daily maximum dosage of 15ml of vitamin E. Basically you have to take one capsules in a day after food.

For topical application, vitamin E capsules are only limited to your creativity ! All you need to do is to puncture a vitamin E capsule with pin. Take vitamin E oil and apply it directly onto hair or skin.


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