Diet and Herbal Remedies for Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis It is an inflammatory, refractory disease which includes colon, rectum and little part of small intestine. The person who is suffering from Ulcerative colitis in tests shows ulcers inside the colon. Ulcerative colitis comes under the category of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). The second type or category of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) is Crohn’s disease. […] Continue reading →

Bhumi Amla

Bhumi Amla Phyllanthus niruri, also known as Bhumi Amla. Phyllanthus niruri is an annual herbaceous plant which grows to life in the terrain regions of Jharkhand Chhattisgarh, Bihar and other states of India. It is common to the rainy forests of the Bahamas, southern India and China. The plant is gaining immense popularity owing to its hepato– […] Continue reading →

Fuller’s Earth

Fuller's earth Multani Mitti or Fuller’s earth has been used by Indian women for centuries to take care of their skincare problems like acne, blackheads, etc. Though most modern women now prefer to use branded products, they could still try using the humble Fuller's earth as it is not only cheaper but could also save them from […] Continue reading →

Licorice root

Licorice Root Liquorice, or Licorice is the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra from which a sweet flavour can be extracted. It has been traditionally known and used as medicine in Ayurveda for rejuvenation. The Greek physician Hippocrates (460 BC) and botanist Theophratus (371 BC) extolled its uses, and Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder (23 AD) recommended it as […] Continue reading →